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Stopping the reporting of youth unemployment looks and feels more like a resetting of expectations that things are so bad, the government is afraid to show it.

It will be even harder to convince foreign investors that China's economy has come back, even when the numbers are genuinely better, as there is a loss of trust in being able to see the real picture.

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Your comment inspired me to think of a metaphor in terms of introvert and extrovert personality. The stopping of publishing youth unemployment data speaks to that fact that China more or less have introverted personality, heads down, get to work, but don't communicate well. Ideally, it hopes actions will speak louder than words...but in the current world, communication is important, and this point may be missed.

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Interesting comparison! However, you would think a major country like China would not be affected by personality quirks like shyness that affects actual people.

Communication is everything,whether in personal life, business, or diplomacy. Communication is not a nice to have or a nice little bonus. Whatever the reason for China's lack of ability to communicate well (political constraints or ideology, human talent shortage, or some combination of all of the above), it is a serious drag on their image and ability to combat what they feel is an unfair smear and containment campaign from the West.

In other words they are so bad at it, it has potentially existential consequences

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