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EP14. Johnny Zou, Yale-educated top venture capitalist and fellow substacker

EP14. Johnny Zou, Yale-educated top venture capitalist and fellow substacker

A discussion about China's past and future, the median income of Chinese people and why we should be confident about China's future

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We are glad to be joined today by Johnny Zou, the Head of Primavera Venture Partners春华创投. Johnny holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Yale University and a Master of Science in Economic History from the London School of Economics. At Primavera, he mainly focuses on investments in AI, medical technology, cloud, shared economy, and cross-border opportunities.

Johnny has a unique background. He worked at elite financial institutions and had impeccable Western training. At the same time, he is known to express views about China that may be considered a little unorthodox in his industry. Today, we will take a deep dive into Johnny’s views about China’s past and future, and how those views were shaped by his unique upbringing.

Johnny is also a fellow Sub-stacker, and he writes at one of my favorite Chinese-language substacks:

Highlights and timestamps

[03:42] What was the major mistake of China’s leadership during the 08/09 GFC?

[08:59] Why did China’s Total Factor Productivity (TFP) stagnate and who was responsible?

[12:51] When did the shift in Chinese leadership’s mindset really happen?

[15:45] What unique background has made a person working in China's high finance criticize its "over-financialization"

[26:29] What is the “median income” for Chinese people and its implications

[33:06] How were Johnny’s unique views shaped by his training and background

[41:25] Why does Johnny stay confident about China’s future in the short- to medium-term

[49:53] Long-term worries about China’s “shaky cultural foundation”

[55:45] Traditional Chinese medicine: an example of how parts of traditional Chinese culture could be rejuvenated.