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This sounds like a company that is going to be skinned alive by the courts eventually for copyright infringement, IPR infringement, and they are doing their best to minimize the paper trail. This will all go to tears eventually. (edit: Good report, I'd have never guessed such issues were present without it, Thank you!)

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Yikes that all sounds so intense! It's almost identical to thee experience of college grads in the US where they go to work at big tech giants like Google or Amazon after graduating and experience harsh working conditions with large pay.

Specially where I graduated, UW Madison, the EMR company Epic is known to be like this. Your article reads identically to the experience of every former Epic employee I've known.

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Thanks for sharing. I read the orignal post. Interesting.

PTT is in the volume business. Execution and efficiency is everything.

I can see where the culture comes from.

I am particularly impressed by how PTT hires mainly people who are highly money driven.

The founder understood the power of incentives.

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