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Baiguan is made for anyone with a real stake in China. Your trusted partner for accurate and sharp insights about China, Baiguan is powered by massive and unique sources of on-the-ground data, cross-boarder researchers with decades of domain expertise and cutting-edge technology. We publish multiple times per week on current affairs and unique business topics such as:

  • What are the hottest consumer trends in 100 lower-tier cities and counties with both fast growth and large potential?

  • When will Meituan-Douyin market share stabilize?

  • When the Chinese president sits down for a talk with some academics, who are they and what views do they represent?

  • Will Starbucks exit China under intense competition?

  • Will the Chinese government shut down another industry like they did to K-12 after-school tutoring? And actually, why did they shut down K-12 in the first place?

  • How will low birth rates affect baby products sale?

  • How do Chinese people really view hot events such as ChatGPT, Ukraine, and the infamous balloons?

  • Which city in China benefits the most from demographic changes besides First-tier cities?

  • She predicted the US-China trade war 30 years ago - views from Jiang Xiaojuan

  • How are provinces and cities in China with the economic size of a country being run?

  • Will Alibaba ever resume growth?

  • Does expanding conscription mean China is preparing for war?

  • Is China's booming outdoor activity market a Covid-induced fad or a long-term growth story?

  • Does Common Presperity just mean egalitarianism or is China trying to solve other practical problems through common presperity?

  • How may the beauty industry regain growth by one single change in childbirth law in China?

Baiguan, or 百观, literally means "A Hundred Perspectives" in Chinese. This name calls upon a metaphor similar to the Chinese idiom "盲人摸象 blind men touching an elephant", in which a blind man may touch on an elephant's ear and confidently declare that an elephant is no more than just a huge ear. It speaks to a core flaw of human cognition, that we can only see things that we are able to see. Our tunnel vision is just an unavoidable part of us. The only way a person can be wiser is to try to at least to have more perspectives, more "Baiguan", so hopefully when the blind man touches the leg, the belly and the tail, he might be able to piece together something closer to truth.

This tunnel vision is especially strong when it comes to China. To begin with, we all know China is massive. There is simply no one way to describe this huge, often self-contradictory country. You have to employ data and technology to grasp the multi-faceted nature of this subject.

China is also an enigma to many observers. She is an enigma partly because of the cultural divide between her and the outside world. It is also because there just aren't many interpreters who are both capable and trustworthy, someone who can stay to the facts while also speaking your language. Now, as the world has once again become more and more divided, the necessity for such interpreters only becomes stronger.

So this is the mission of Baiguan. We want our content to be both fact-based and interesting. Here you will not find conjectures, second-guesses and made-up stories. You will not find ideologies on either sides of the Pacific. You will only find information that matters. Grounded in our massive datasets spanning commerce, retail, social media, foot traffic, vehicle traffic, delivery, mobile traffic, production activity, transaction receipts, user panel, etc., we strive to present you with only credible, multi-faceted and actionable insights about China. In short, Baiguan will be your trusted, matter-of-fact partner when it comes to doing business in China.

A typical subscriber of Baiguan is someone who:

  • Has a stake in China, be it a financial stake, a private investment, a business operation, a career, or simply a strong intellectual stake

  • Is often intimidated by a constant stream of shocks from China as a result of changes in user behaviors, policies, geopolitics and a general lack of context

  • Craves for insightful, fact-based, and contextualized content about China that actually matters, instead of stereotypical stories or over-generalized takes

For more details about the story behind us, please read this article.

With our mission, we have no intention of becoming a traditional ad-supported news agency or being funded as mouthpieces for any ideology.

We strive to be a no-bullshit, data-native news organization. Our commitment lies in delivering actionable and fact-based content, which requires the sustained effort of a dedicated hybrid team comprising top researchers, writers, analysts and engineers.

Therefore, our content operates on a paid model that enables us to support this remarkable team, fund the extensive data collection and curation process, and maintain the integrity of our analysis

This is what different tiers of subscribers will expect from Baiguan:

  • At the price of a monthly coffee, $100 per year, our readers gain access to:

    1. At least one post per month from our 'Charts of the Week' series, providing updates on China's macroeconomy.

    2. 4-6 in-depth posts per month exploring investment opportunities and consumer insights in China. These posts feature BigOne Lab's proprietary data and are meticulously crafted by our institutional-standard professional research team.

  • For $1000 per year, our readers gain additional access to:

    1. 1-2 additional charts per month from the 'Charts of the Week' series, offering in-depth analysis of China equity tickers or hot sectors.

    2. Furthermore, readers will have full access to BigOne Lab's institutional-grade research reports, aligned with institutional investment and corporate strategy standards.

    3. A monthly one-hour call or Zoom discussion with BigOne Lab's industry analyst team.

For existing institutional clients of BigOne Lab, you are entitled to 1 complimentary professional-tier subscription for each $10,000 spent annually at BigOne Lab. Please contact your sales representative for complimentary access if you meet this criteria.

For readers who have the option of having the subscription expensed by the company, we have put together an email template that will hopefully save you time:

Email Template for Baiguan Reimbursement

*Baiguan is powered by BigOne Lab, China's leading data-driven provider of market research and analytics that was founded in 2016 by information services industry veterans from Bloomberg, BlackRock, YipitData, Nielsen. BigOne Lab's products and services are trusted by 100+ top institutional investors and corporates around the world. BigOne Lab is also invested in by a number of institutional investors, including S&P Global. Incidentally, Baiguan Technology 百观科技 is also what BigOne Lab is commonly known as in China.

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